Urgent Call to Action: Speak Up for Endangered Salmon

After two decades and five failed attempts to write a legal and biologically-sound plan to keep Idaho’s endangered salmon from going extinct, the federal government has announced a comment period and meeting schedule to gather public input about how to manage dams in the region. Now is the time to write, call and rally on behalf of lower Snake River restoration and wild salmon recovery.

Follow the links at the bottom of this page for tips about what to say in your comments. And here's how to submit.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Northwestern Division
Attn: CRSO EIS, P.O. Box 2870, Portland, OR 97208-2870



The Columbia River System Operations Website


Federal agencies have announced region-wide meetings that start Oct. 24 and run through Dec. 13. There will be 15 meetings, four of which will be in Idaho: Oct. 26 in Priest River, Oct. 27 in Bonners Ferry, Nov. 16 in Lewiston and Nov. 29 in Boise. The public comment period opened Sept. 30 and closes Jan. 17. (Note: the comment period was extended to Feb. 7.)

The people of IRU have been working on lower Snake River restoration and endangered wild salmon recovery for more than 20 years. It's a long-running battle, but we've also accumulated some expertise along the way. So click here if you're looking for some ideas about what to say at the hearings or in written comments.

Time and again people show that they can and do make a difference. Our goal this fall is to deliver a million or more comments from all over the country. Please take the time to join the chorus of voices calling for lower Snake River restoration. Join them in saying: Free the Snake!