The 103-mile Weiser River could be silenced by a huge dam, proposed by the state of Idaho.

Keeping rivers flowing is the nuts and bolts of our conservation work. A river isn't a river without abundant clean, clear water.

Specific tasks and areas of focus are varied, and often complex, but the direct benefits to rivers are exciting. For example, in 2006 our collaboration with regional partners restored a section of the Bear River in southeast Idaho with removal of the Cove hydropower dam. In 2008 IRU struck a deal with the state of Idaho that made it possible for property owners to dedicate a portion of their water rights to in-stream flows. The measure restored millions of gallons to streams in the Wood River watershed.

In addition to policy issues, keeping rivers flowing is the work we can all do to conserve water on a daily basis. Click here or on the button below for some great tips and tricks you can use at home to help keep our rivers flowing full and healthy.