Ride for Redd welcome home party

  • Redfish Lake Lodge 401 Redfish Lodge Road Stanley

For the past seven weeks three Idaho women have embarked on an incredible journey to trace the Columbia, Snake and Salmon rivers from the Pacific Ocean back to central Idaho. The 1,000-mile journey is designed to mirror the trip made annually by salmon and steelhead returning to Idaho to spawn.

This epic journey will come to an end Friday, June 9, at Redfish Lake Lodge where the women will conclude with a welcome-home party from 2-4 p.m. All are encouraged to attend and cheer for these three altruistic Idaho adventurers as they complete the trip of a lifetime.

Kat Cannell, Katelyn Spradley and M.J. Wright started their journey out of Astoria, Oregon, on Tuesday, April 18. They rode through downtown Portland Monday, April 23, and arrived in Hood River April 27. By mid-May they made it to Lewiston, Idaho, and since then have been working their way through the backcountry toward Stanely.

The project is called Ride for Redd, making a play on the word for a salmon spawning nest, which is called a redd. Idaho Rivers United, a nonprofit river advocacy organization, has helped sponsor the ride, which has attracted attention to the plight of wild salmon along the way. 

Further resources:
Website: RideforRedd.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RideforRedd
Instagram: @ride.for.redd (#rideforredd, #makeredfishreddagain)