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Idaho River Talks: Rivers and their meanings

  • Idaho River Sports (map)

Idaho Rivers United intern Steve Ritter, and Team River Runner member Dayne Law, present on why they love rivers and what Idahoans and our rivers have to lose.

Rivers are vital to thousands of people, and odds are they mean something to you. Come and listen to views on rivers as they are shared through the lenses of recreation, biology, conservation and more. Rivers are always changing. Floods reroute them and they carve canyons. Waterfalls are not simply dropped on the landscape with an Auto-Cad program. Water chooses its own path. At least it did.

How rivers flow now is subject to human will. The value of a river and our view of them change as we alter our landscape.  Often our actions change how rivers will be valued and viewed for generations to come. 

Join us to discuss just a few of the meanings rivers hold.

Drinks and lite snacks will be provided.