Goodbye Natalie Shellworth, welcome Jenni Jordan

Natalie Shellworth.

From our members and volunteers, to our staff and our board of directors, dedicated river lovers have been the heart and soul of Idaho Rivers United since our organization’s founding in 1990.

Jenni Jordan.

In early June the IRU staff will say goodbye to one river lover, Administrative Coordinator Natalie Shellworth, while welcoming another to our team — Natalie’s replacement, Jenni Jordan of Boise.

I’ll miss Natalie, as will her colleagues, our board members and the hundreds of donors, members and volunteers she worked with during her time in our office.

Natalie joined the IRU staff in December 2011 and quickly became a trusted and invaluable member of the staff. Good natured, dependable, hard-working, accurate and always willing to pitch in, Natalie spearheaded our administrative efforts through the difficult recovery times following the Great Recession.

Propelled by her love of rivers (she’s a former raft guide) and nature, Natalie worked tirelessly for IRU while pursuing a Master’s Degree in environmental science from the University of Idaho. She’s leaving IRU to finish her masters’ project, then launch her career doing environmental field work.

Please join me in wishing Natalie the best of luck.

While Natalie’s sandals will be tough to fill, we were lucky to have found Jenni Jordan to replace her. Jenni started work on May 19 and is learning the ropes quickly from Natalie.

A Boise native, Jenni’s love for rivers evolved during childhood visits to her grandmother’s farm in Star, which was nestled along the Boise River. Today, Jenni still enjoys playing in and around the Boise River with her husband, Josh, and their sons Byron, 11, and Evan, 8. The family also enjoys spending time at the family cabin in McCall, and camping and riding bikes near rivers all around the state.

Jenni came to IRU from the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association, where she managed day-to-day administrative duties, member correspondence and records management. Before that she worked as a project manager and senior implementation analyist for a medical software company, where she developed a strong background in database management and trouble-shooting.

She is a graduate of the College of Western Idaho and has worked as an active volunteer with the Treasure Valley YMCA, the Idaho Democratic Party and Lowell Elementary School.