Megaloads book debuts April 3 at Boise release party

The fight to protect two of America’s first Wild and Scenic rivers from industrialization will take center stage on Thursday, April 3, with a book release party for “Goliath Staggered: How the People of Highway 12 Conquered Big Oil.”

The event, to be held at The Record Exchange in Boise, will kick off at 6 p.m. and feature presentations by author Steve Bunk, IRU Conservation Director Kevin Lewis and Advocates for the West Lead Attorney Laird Lucas. There will be free beer and music courtesy of Payette Brewing and Hillfolk Noir.

  • What: Book release party for “Goliath Staggered”
  • Where: The Record Exchange, 1105 W. Idaho St., Boise
  • When: Thursday, April 3, at 6 p.m.

“Goliath Staggered” follows the rise, growth and triumph of the people’s movement to prevent major oil companies from transforming the Clearwater and Lochsa rivers, two of America’s first Wild and Scenic rivers, into a high-and-wide industrial thoroughfare for so-called megaloads—gargantuan oil processing equipment built in Asia and bound for the tar sands of Alberta. IRU was at the forefront of this fight from the beginning, rallying Idaho citizens and challenging federal agencies in court to uphold the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

“This book about a grassroots campaign in Idaho and Montana is full of conflict and turns of fortune, but it is essentially about how a synthesis of idealism and practicality in leaders can motivate thousands to overcome tyranny,” Bunk wrote in the book’s preface.

IRU is proud to work with our tribal and grassroots allies to protect the Wild and Scenic Clearwater-Lochsa river canyon. On Feb. 7, 2013, a federal judge in Boise ruled in favor of IRU, declaring that the U.S. Forest Service has the authority to regulate industrial traffic in the Wild and Scenic River corridor. Again on Sept. 13, 2013, the judge granted a preliminary injunction to IRU and the Nez Perce Tribe that effectively blocked megaloads from the Wild and Scenic canyon until further review by the Forest Service is complete.

“Goliath Staggered” will be available in paperback and as an e-book beginning April 3 fromNew West Books.