Galloway Dam opponents deliver petitions to Gov. Otter

Members of Idaho Rivers United and other citizens opposed to new water storage dams on the Boise and Weiser Rivers delivered petitions with 675 signatures to Governor Butch Otter on Thursday, February 13.

The petition reads, “Please preserve river flows, natural habitat, water quality and traditional fishing and recreation by not building new or larger dams on the Boise and Weiser Rivers. Idahoans cherish their rivers, not just for the water they transport, but for the fish and wildlife they shelter, the natural scenery they provide, the recreation they make possible and the many other ways healthy rivers contribute to the quality of life. The negative impacts of damming a river are found upstream and downstream of the dam, and commonly include significant loss of the natural river values.”

“Idahoans have come forward time and time again to protect the Boise and Weiser Rivers from new dams. They treasure their rivers,” said Boise River Campaign Coordinator Liz Paul. “We need to invest our limited financial resources into implementing changes to eliminate inefficiencies and make the best use of every acre foot of water we have, not throw away money on studying dams that will never be built,” Paul continued.

Idaho Rivers United will continue to pressure state officials to take action now to increase water use efficiency instead of continuing to study expensive and impractical options of building new water storage on the Boise and Weiser Rivers. 

Idaho Rivers United is a membership organization that works to protect and restore Idaho's rivers and native fisheries. For more information visit or call 343-7481.