Boise City Council adopts new Boise River plan

An updated Boise River Resources Management and Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Boise City Council on December 2. IRU's Boise River Campaign Coordinator Liz Paul served on the Steering Committee that advised Boise Parks and Recreation on the major overhaul of the 1999 Plan.

"The 2014 Plan is good for fish, wildlife, birds, and native plants. It accommodates growing urban recreational use without sacrificing the natural character of the river corridor. The Plan is especially strong in the areas of water quality improvement and river channel dynamics. IRU members provided lots of advice on recreation and natural resource management that improved the Plan considerably," said Liz Paul.

The Plan applies to about ten miles of the Boise River corridor from Barber Park to just east of Glenwood Bridge. 77 recommendations are made that address Public Safety, Recreation, Natural Resources and Education and Information. The Plan now becomes part of the Boise City Comprehensive Plan.

Dozens of meetings were held over a year to examine the recommendations in the original plan, learn about current challenges and opportunities, and discuss desired conditions and feasible strategies.

"We're pleased that the City intends to review the Plan every two years to celebrate progress and allow adjustments to be made where necessary. A recommendation that will require citizen follow-up is for the City to hire an ecologist or naturalist to provide natural resource management and environmental education guidance," Paul added.

Read the 2014 Plan.