Free-flowing Weiser River stars in new IRU video

A prized, free-flowing river in southwest Idaho – the 103-mile-long Weiser River - may be silenced by a huge dam. Idaho Rivers United produced this video to celebrate the Weiser River and share about its outstanding values.

Idaho Rivers United has released a new three-minute video that captures the beauty of southwest Idaho's Weiser River and shows how much river, habitat and farmland would be lost if the proposed Galloway Dam were built.

Governor Otter and the Idaho Water Resource Board are pushing plans to build a large dam on the Weiser River upstream of the city of Weiser. At full pool, the reservoir would be 7 to 8 miles long and inundate close to 7,000 acres, the majority being private land. More than 15 miles of the existing Weiser River Trail, the section through Galloway Canyon, would be inundated.

The purpose of the project is to replace water from the upper Snake River that's now dedicated to meeting obligations of the Nez Perce salmon flow agreement. Instead of flowing down the Snake River to help Idaho's endangered salmon and steelhead, the water will be used to expand industrial dairies in the Magic Valley, irrigate alfalfa in the Arco desert and do experimental aquifer recharge.