Departures magazine features Idaho's endangered wild salmon

By Maxwell Schaffner, IRU Intern

Through the effort and expertise contained within the Idaho Rivers United community, Idaho’s salmon are once again in the national spotlight.

In Austin Merrill’s feature article, “Rafting the River of No Return,” published in Departures magazine's August 2016 issue, longtime board member and avid salmon advocate Tom Stuart joins and educates Merrill on the issues facing Middle Fork salmon. His passion and advocacy for wild salmon permeate the article. 

“The subtext of any salmon discussion is dams,” Stuart is quoted as saying. “And the Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of one of the biggest dam-building eras we’ve ever known.”

Something you can't see in the article is that IRU's Greg Stahl was also present nearly every step of the way to help arm Merrill with reams of facts and figures and become oriented with Norhwest geography and the plight of Idaho's endangered wild salmon.

Merrill’s experience rafting one of the most beautiful areas of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area was improved by the wealth of knowledge that is contained within the passionate members of IRU.

Merrill’s article will serve to put dam removal and salmon health into the hands of 1.3 million readers that Departures reaches. The fight for our native salmon is a national issue, and the exposure will serve to bring new voices and members to the cause. 

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