Post Card Drop off at the Governor's Office

If you care about Idaho salmon and steelhead, come show your support at the state house on Tuesday, the 24th of September.

The time has come to tell the Governor that Idaho needs bold leadership in order to recover our salmon and steelhead runs. We have been collecting postcards signed by folks across Idaho and the nation addressed to our governor, and now we need your help in delivering them straight to his desk.

Join us Tuesday September 24th at the Boise Capital and make your desire for leadership in recovering Idaho’s salmon and steelhead known. 2019 marks yet another year of low fish returns and yet another year of the same, status quo solutions being presented.

The status quo has failed us, our fish are still at near extinction levels. Now is the time for Idaho’s leaders to follow the science and consider all options to recover our salmon and steelhead and the riverside communities that rely on them.

Date: September 24th

Time: 12:00 P.M.

Location: Boise Capitol Building