the Brewshed® Alliance

The Brewshed® Alliance brings people together to protect water that helps make great beer. Simply put: great beer begins with clean water.  

Beer is more than 90 Percent Water; The Quality Of that Water Matters!

Brewshed® Alliance features breweries in Washington, Oregon and Idaho where breweries are taking a pledge to help protect the watersheds that make their beer great. 

Micro-brewed beer is more than 90 percent water, so the quality of water is essential to the quality of beer. All of Idaho's drinking water — and the water used to make beer — comes from Idaho’s rivers and ground water. Surface water, rivers and groundwater are deeply interconnected. As water makes its way through a watershed it picks up contaminants and pollutants that have to be removed or diluted. This is the same water brewers use to craft beer. It's no wonder Idaho's brewers are becoming Brewshed® Alliance members.

What you can do

At-home efforts can help foster river health and, in a roundabout but very real way, production of more delicious beer. Here are some tips about how you can help preserve Idaho's precious water resources. Here are some additional tips about how you can help clean your backyard river. 

Importantly, you can also become a member of IRU, join us for events and programs, and stay up to date on our work to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho. Last, and certainly not least, you can help us raise a glass to Idaho's amazing rivers. Please join us at Brewshed® Alliance events to drink great Idaho beer while supporting some of our state's most sudsy entrepreneurs.


The Brewshed® Alliance is partnering with Idaho breweries and beer business partners to host and plan a wide variety of events. They'll include Brewshed® happy hours, pub crawls, beer release, brewery openings, tap take-overs, movie and video screenings, beer festivals and more.


Idaho Brewers Association

For more information about the state of Idaho's breweries and their increasingly important role in Idaho visit the Idaho Brewers Association website.

The Idaho Brewshed® Alliance is an outreach initiative of Idaho Rivers United, an Idaho conservation group aimed at protecting and restoring the rivers of Idaho.