Call to action: tell Idaho's new governor we value our wild salmon and steelhead

Idaho’s salmon and steelhead are on the brink of extinction, and it is time for Idaho to reclaim leadership and be a voice for our dying fish. Since 2008, Idaho has left most of its salmon policy to the federal government and that has failed Idahoans and our communities, badly. We hear over and over from our leaders that Idahoans don’t care about this issue. Idaho’s new governor needs to hear from you.

This January, along with a variety of stakeholders, IRU aims to drop 5,000 hand written letters on governor elect Brad Little’s desk as a statement from voters that our native species matter to us and we demand Idaho take back leadership for our salmon and steelhead policy.

Please fill out this petition. Speak from your heart about what wild salmon and steelhead mean to you. Does your business depend on them? Does your recreation depend on them? Do the wild places you visit or call home depend on them? Speak of those things. Then, please call upon anyone you can think of to do the same. Salmon and steelhead mean business. So do we.