Guide Education Wrap-up 2019

Idaho Rivers United has been dedicated to our Guide Education program for over 15 years; this tradition allows us to build stronger relationships with river lovers from all over the United States.  As the Outreach and Education Coordinator for Idaho Rivers United I was given the opportunity to travel along Idaho’s rivers educating guides for the last two months. This position allowed me to make a more significant connection with the rivers I work to protect by allowing me to meet Idaho’s amazing river guides whose advocacy is critical in promoting river conservation.

Idaho Rivers United understands that river guides have the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of people on their rafts every summer. Who better to interpret the voice of the river and the call of Idaho’s endangered fisheries, than those who know its currents the best? This program provides an important opportunity for IRU each year to increase visibility and give guides the education tools they need to accurately relay information to their guests. This mutual partnership allows for open conversations between guides and guests it has also helped increase the awareness of endangered salmon far beyond Idaho’s boarders. Through interpretive talks, and river conversations with curious passengers, guides are able to confidently educate their guests about salmon history, ecology, declines and dams set in the best classroom possible: the river!

The 2019 Guide Education program was successful partnering with over 60 river guides in Stanley, Riggins, Clarkston, McCall and Salmon. We look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come, as Idaho Rivers United continues to be the leading river conservation voice in Idaho for water quality, salmon and stream flows.

For the rivers,

Danielle Warnke