These are the voices and faces of our members. It’s safe to say that once you’ve been blessed with the company of an Idaho river, you want to be sure it’s around for generations to come. Their love for Idaho’s rivers is what keeps our work alive.

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“I am a member of Idaho Rivers United because they are the guardians of everything that I love about the state’s great rivers. I can’t think of another organization that does so much to protect rivers and riparian environments from the many things that threaten them. Without their work I fear that my grandchildren would not have the chance to experience the wonder of seeing a sea of stars from a beach on the Salmon River, the joy of watching a family of otters playfully swimming in the Middle Fork, or the thrill of countless rapids on any number of clear, cold rivers.”

- Mike Mayfield, Boone, North Carolina

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“Idaho rivers remind me of growing up in Colorado--- family picnics & camping trips by the rivers. I love their visual beauty, but I especially love the sound, whether it is a placid river, or the powerful roar of huge white water. Mostly, our rivers remind me of my son David whose passion was kayaking Idaho rivers. David was a proud supporter of IRU and adamant about the protection of our rivers. Since his passing in 2004 at age 24, I carry on David’s memory by supporting IRU & their mission, so that Idaho’s rivers will be here for our enjoyment for years to come.” - Rae Ann Norell, Eagle Idaho

Why do I Love Rivers ?

Rivers are the Life Blood Arteries 

of Our Mother Earth

The Rain and Snow 

are the Veins

Esto Perpetua

Why am I an IRU member ?

IRU Helps Keep the Blood Flowing

Esto Perpetua

Wil Wilkins, Salmon Idaho